Ontario Good Sam Club


Ontario Good Sam Club
Standard Operating Procedure.


Standard Operating Procedures
as of 10 September 2013

This organization shall be known as the Ontario Provincial organization of the Good Sam Club.
The fore mentioned shall recognize the Good Sam Club’s constitution and by-laws as the ultimate body of rules.

The provincial organization will only use the Good Sam name and logo in good taste, and to
promote the Good Sam pledge and provincial activities in a manner consistent with the Club’s constitution and by-laws.

The Good Sam Club Pledge

As a member of the Good Sam Club, I pledge to give aid to others in need, respect nature
and the environment, give back to the community and those less fortunate, treat others with
dignity and respect, and to wear a smile (like Good Sam and Good Samantha’s) and promote
the pledge of the Good Sam Club to others.


Membership in the Province of Ontario is limited to those individuals who are members in good
standing with the Good Sam Club and the provincial organization (Have paid Club and chapter
membership dues). To obtain membership, the candidate shall submit an application to the
Club and join a chapter. Each membership includes spouse and dependent children living with them.

Nominations for Provincial Director

Any person may be nominated for the position of provincial director as long as they are members
in good standing with both the Good Sam Club and the provincial organization.

Term of Office for Provincial Director

The Ontario provincial director’s term of office is for two (2) years . The election of the provincial
director will occur on the odd numbered years with the director taking office on January 1, the
following even numbered year, or sooner if so appointed.


The position of provincial director is a non-compensation position however the provincial director may,
upon approval of the provincial committee, be reimbursed up to $0.35 per km for travel expenses to
provincial meetings, in support of provincial business, and other provincial/state samborees to promote
the Ontario Good Sam and Ontario samboree.

Provincial Treasurer

Any person may be nominated by the provincial committee for the position of provincial treasurer as
long as they are members in good standing in both the Good Sam Club and the provincial organization.
The provincial treasurer may not be a member of the provincial director’s family.

Election Procedures for Provincial Treasurer

The provincial Treasurer will be elected every two (2) years by a simple majority vote of all members of
the provincial committee. The provincial treasurer shall be elected by the provincial committee on the
even numbered years and take office on January 1 of the following odd numbered year.

Functions of the Provincial Treasurer

1. To have custody of all funds, securities, and assets of the provincial organization.
2. To be responsible for keeping full and accurate accounts of the receipts and disbursements,
and to make a report of such at all regularly scheduled provincial committee meetings.
3. To pay only those expenses which have been approved by the provincial committee.
All disbursements will be made by check, co-signed by the provincial director and the provincial treasurer.
4. To prepare a report for each provincial meeting which itemizes all financial disbursements.


This position is a non-compensation position except the provincial Treasurer will be reimbursed up to
$0.35 per km to provincial meetings or provincial business if replacing the director.


An audit committee recommended by the provincial director will be appointed by the provincial
committee to audit the accounts of the provincial treasurer at least annually and will submit the
reports of their finding to the membership.

Upon death, resignation, or departure from the province treasurer, the provincial director will
conduct a special meeting of the provincial committee as soon as possible for the purpose of
electing another provincial treasurer to fill the remainder of this position. The provincial director
may, at his/her discretion, appoint an interim provincial treasurer to fill this position until a new
provincial treasurer is elected.

Provincial Committee

The provincial committee will be composed of one chapter president or his/her appointed delegate
from each chapter within the province. When formed, each chapter may/should fully participate in
the provincial committee and meet all obligations.

Provincial Directors Appointed Positions and Functions

The provincial director may appoint one or more assistant directors, the secretary, and other officers
as appropriate to assist him/her.

Provincial Wagon-master

At the direction of the provincial director, the provincial wagon-master is to serve as the chairman of
the parking committee, help park rigs at provincial events, and other duties as available to assist
the provincial director.

Provincial Secretary

The provincial secretary functions area:

1. To handle all correspondence as assigned by the provincial director
2. To attend all regular and special meetings for the provincial committee, with responsibilities for
recording, preparing and distributing the minutes of the meetings.
3. To have a copy of the provincial standing operating procedures (SOP’s) available for members.
4. To send out notices of all provincial meetings.
5. To maintain records on all members of the provincial organization, to include chapter members
and rigs and a list of all committees.

Provincial Dues

All provincial dues are due to the provincial treasurer by 31 May of the current calendar year.