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Barbara and Jean-Marie, the Provincial Directors, would like to welcome you to our website!

The Ontario Good Sam Club is  the liaison between
"Good Sam International" and the
"Ontario Good Sam" chapters.  




Navigating our site.

Our site is divided into seven pages that are accessed by the tabs near the top of each page. We hope that you can easily find what you're looking for but if you don't, then feel free to contact anyone on our pages.
    "CHAPTERS" page gives the list of local Good Sam chapters. On this page you can locate a chapter in your area and the name of a local contact.

    "EXECUTIVE" page lists the names and contact information for the people that run Ontario Good Sam.

    "SOP" stands for "Standard operating procedure."

    "LINKS" page lists our associated web pages and other sites related to Good Sam etc.

    "CONTRIBUTORS" page contains the list of businesses that supported us with contributions for our most recent Samboree. (Lots of great links)

    "Samboree" page talks about our previous Samborees and has some information about our next one.

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Chapters Explained.

    There are eight Good Sam chapters in Ontario.
The cost to be a member of a local chapter is usually less than $20 per family membership per year. Each chapter governs itself and is run by volunteer members. Decisions are made democratically by  the whole chapter membership.
    Many chapters have their own adopted charity that they help through fund raising. Chapters set their own camping and meeting schedule. Joining a chapter helps you connect with other people in your area that are interested in the RV lifestyle. You get to meet people that enjoy traveling and perhaps someone that has experienced some of the things that you are looking forward to. You can talk to people that are full timing, or have been to Alaska or Florida or Texas or Arizona or all over Canada.

    If there isn't a chapter in your  area, contact Barbara and find out how easy it is to start one.

CLlCK HERE To email Barbara.

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